Various Avakin Life Jobs

Avakin Life Jobs

Various Avakin Life Jobs

There are several kinds of jobs available in Avakin Life game. You should start working in one of the jobs as you will be able to earn good amount of in-game currencies. At the 23rd Street Café, you can take up a job of a barista. Similarly, at Club Sundown, you can become a bartender for earning some bucks quickly.

In your job, you will be provided with some orders that will be placed by customers. You need to fulfill them successfully so that the customer pays Avacoins or Diamonds as reward. For each order that you complete successfully, you will be able to earn XP and Avabucks. To exchange Avabucks in Avacoins, you will have to visit the ATM machine and get it swapped.

However, earning Avacoins, Diamonds, and Avabucks is not easy at all! You need to play and spend carefully so that there is some currency left with you for future use. As a job post of a barista, you need to serve a maximum of three orders. You have to make a drink and prepare food for your customers. To know the preferences of a customer, you need to chat with them.

When you become a bartender, you will have 3.5 minutes to work and can serve a maximum of 3 orders. The bartender job can be taken up at the Club Sundown. You can begin you job by clicking on ‘start job’ icon. You need to make a drink or prepare food for customers.

How Will A Customer Place An Order?

To place an order at the café or restaurant, customers need to tap on the bartender or barista. The action menu will open up where you as a customer can place order from the list of actions available in the game. Choose whatever you want to order and then click on ‘place the order’. The orders that are placed have to be paid in Avacoins or Diamonds. However the best way is to use Avakin Life Hack.


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