Avakin Life Guide – How to get Avacoins and Diamonds

Avakin Life Guide – How to get Avacoins and Diamonds

An important aspect of Avakin Life game is its currencies. Avacoins and Diamonds are two essential in-game currencies that you need to earn for succeeding quickly in the game. If you are finding difficulties in earning them, then you should read our guide till the end. Here, you will come across some amazing tips on earning both currencies.


If you want to buy designer clothing or décor for your apartment then you will require Avacoins, as it is the main game currency. You can earn them by spending real world money, work in a bar or café, and through the TapJoy service. In the beginning of the game, you will be provided with an apartment as well as some amount of Avacoins. As you keep progressing, you need to earn some more Avacoins in the game. You can even earn Avacoins by participating in various social media competitions or earn as rewards from the Mystery Box. However, the amount earned is less; so, if you want to earn Avacoins in large quantities then make use of our Avakin Life hack.


Diamonds are the premium currency of Avakin Life game. You will need Diamonds for buying food and drinks at numerous cafés and bars. There are some special items in the game that can be purchased only with Diamonds like the Mystery Box. You can even speed up some of the tasks and make your decisions faster with the help of Diamonds. Earning Diamonds is not easy and most of the time you will earn them in less quantities. It is always better to use hacks for generating Diamonds instantly in huge amounts rather than spending real money to buy them.

Listed Below Are Some Items That Can Be Purchased With In-Game Currency:

  • Furniture
  • Home décor
  • Designer clothes
  • Accessories
  • Apartments
  • Gifts for friends

Additional Ways Of Earning Avacoins And Diamonds:

Just like real life, you won’t be able to survive without money. It is necessary to have a lifestyle wherein you spend carefully and save some for future use. Do not overspend your money on clothing or decorating your apartment. If you spend wisely, then you will be able to progress well in Avakin Life game. Ensure that you work in the bars and cafés on a regular basis for earning currencies. The currency that you earn by working in the game is called as Avabucks. These can be exchanged into Avacoins by visiting the ATM Machines. Thus, you should play sensibly so that you have enough in-game currencies for leveling up in Avakin Life game.

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