Avakin Life Beginners Guide

Avakin Life Beginners Guide: Several Important Queries Solved

How To Play Avakin Life?

Avakin Life is a 3D social fashion app for tablet and mobile devices. Here, you can meet new people, befriend them, converse through the chatting window, and explore a new world. To begin playing the game, you need to create and customize your 3D gaming character as well as an apartment. The game will let you socialize and explore an enchanting world of Avakin Life.

Is The Game Suitable For Kids?

No! Avakin Life is for gamers above the age of 18. You need to verify your age before creating an account. As there is a chat facility, you can meet strangers and befriend them. Mostly, gamers are busy creating relationships, getting engaged, married, or having sex with other players. So, it certainly is not for kids. Parents should ensure that their kids do not play Avakin Life game.

Is The Game Free To Play?

Yes! The game is entirely free to play. However, you will come across two vital in-game currencies, which are Avacoins and Diamonds. You need to earn them in the game for buying several clothing, furniture, etc. To make things quicker, most of the gamers buy Avacoins and Diamonds by spending real world money. So, even though the game is free to play; yet, gamers spend their hard earned money for buying virtual currencies.

How To Get Connected With Others?

The Avakin Life community is growing at a rapid rate. You should make several friends so that you can enjoy the game completely. To add new friends to your group, you can connect your game with their official social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. The best way to interact with other players is by joining the official forum of Avakin Life game. All this will help in building a huge community in the game.

How To Get Your Own Apartment In The Game?

To have your own apartment, just visit the gaming shop and choose the one that you desire. Next step is to customize the apartment as per your preferences; like selecting the furniture and décor. All decorative items and furniture can be bought from the game shop by spending in-game currency. Try to make your apartment beautiful and attractive as you will be rated and ranked for it. If you do not want anyone to visit your apartment then you can set it to ‘private’. The other two options available are ‘friends only’ and ‘public’. You can select any of them as per your choice.

How To Acquire A Mystery Box?

A Mystery Box is a great way to earn special items, Avacoins, and other goodies, alternatively the best to get coins is to use Avakin Life Cheats. You can either purchase a Mystery Box with Diamonds or earn it by watching video ads. However, you can buy limited number of Mystery Boxes. The video ads that are accessible to you will be based on your location. Some gamers are unable to watch even a single advertisement. So, they are left with no other way than spending Diamonds to buy a Mystery Box.

How To Place Furniture In Your Apartment?

To place a piece of furniture in your apartment, you need to select the Edit Apartment icon. Then, select a category and drag an item into the furniture grid. Release to drop! Your preferred furniture has been placed. You can even rotate the furniture by rotating your fingers while holding the object. Moreover, you can delete a particular item by pressing and holding it. The delete options will open up and you can click on ‘delete item’ icon. If you want to delete all items then click on ‘delete all’ icon.

How To Reach New Levels In The Game?

New levels will take you to an entire new phase of the game. To level up quickly, you need to earn several Experience Points. XP can be earned in the game by interacting with various players, buying numerous items, participating in café or bar jobs, etc. So, ensure that you perform all these tasks to earn loads of XP.

How To Place A Petkin And Keep It Happy?

To place a Petkin in an apartment, you need to go to the apartment, select Petkin category, drag and drop the selected Petkin’s mat onto the furniture grid. Save it. Remember, that you can place only one Petkin in an apartment. Your Petkin requires plenty of affection and for that you need to visit its apartment, tap on your Petkin, choose interact, and then select affection, water or feed as per your preference. This will enhance the respective meter and make your Petkin happy. Similarly, if you want to name your Petkin then follow the aforesaid steps and under Interact icon tap the name entry field to change your Petkin’s name.

How To Stream Music To Your Device While Playing The Game?

SHOUTcast is a media streaming service that will let you stream music to your device. So, you can enjoy your game by listening to your favorite radio station. You need to buy a SHOUTcast capable device from the game store. Depending on the country of residence, the SHOUTcast station will work, so you and your pal may receive different music. Moreover, your guests cannot adjust the SHOUTcast radio station in your apartment. They can only adjust its volume and turn it on/off depending on their preference.

How To Use The Build Machine In The Game?

To build items for free, you need to use the Build Machine. You will come across several buildable items in the game. All of them have a blue colored build icon in its thumbnail. This denotes that the particular item can be built for free of cost. You just need to tap it and select ‘build’ so that it starts building. If you want to increase its building speed, then you need to use Boost Tokens. There are two types of Boost Tokens available in the game. The yellow colored Boost Token will help in reducing one hour of build time, whereas the blue colored Boost Token will reduce one day from the build time. After you complete building an item, it will automatically get added to your gaming inventory.

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